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The magic of insects and their oracles
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The magic of insects and their oracles

Do you know Jepetto and Candy ? :D

    It was on last november 2nd. I was sitting in the grass at the top of a nice hill, the view was great, the wind was caressing tall grass, the sun was soft and the light perfect, a warm autumn day. Around me, the energy of the earth was so beautiful. At this moment, a new story I would like to share with you, came to me by small jumps!

    An enormous ladybird settles on my arm and runs up to my hand to finally take off. I feel good. Then I perceive the jumps of an insect, he makes small uneven jumps and falls to the right and to the left, sometimes on a soft grass, sometimes on a more solid grass.

Who is Molly ?

    For this first article, I wanted Molly to be the first to run on this page and present you her oracle in our lives.
I wrote this article at the beginning of the autumn but it is still alive in my personal siberian toundra! For those of you who are discovering Molly, you will soon understand the path of Molly. So, happy reading to all of you !

Nature and animals, from the little fly to the cougar, have always had a lot of importance in my life. Every day, I try to take some time to go for a walk in the forest.