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The magic of insects and their oracles
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Seven Planets, Seven Arts

Part 6A: Jupiterian Art of Sagittarius

Gustave Moreau - Jupiter et Semele Jupiter! The great "bénéfique"! He takes a year to visit a sign unlike other planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars, which moving faster. Jupiter is called a "heavy" planet symbolizing maturity, but also success, education, wealth, everything that grows both in the generosity and in excess. Jupiter always gives, he is the chance, represents children and also exuberance.
But Jupiter is also Zeus, the king of Olympus, who escaped the cannibalism of his father Cronus (Saturn), which is why he expresses so well the sense of providence and reign over the light, sometimes, in a sky sometimes quiet sometimes electric!

Part 5 : The Solar Art

Apollon - Charles Mellin
The Sun, the center of warmth, the center of love and most of the time, the center of our attention reigns in Leo. It exalts and represents the will power by excellence, also the radiance, the majesty and higher strength. A power that causes each one to a peak in the middle of summer during August, wonderful star whose life and consciousness are our own life and own consciousness.

The Lion is an electric sign, hot and fix and installs the summer while its colors are shining. He is generous, passionate and ruled by the Sun.

Part 4 : The Lunar Art

The Rokeby Venus - Velasquez
Moon is the planet that rules the sign of Cancer. She changes, hides and reappears, it is the energy of the feminine, its mystery, its cycle. In astrology, the Moon also symbolizes the public, the crowd, fertility, the sea, the emotions, the mother and family.
In the sign of Cancer, the Moon signs intimacy, sociability and the taste for romance. Sensitivity, imagination, memory and home are part of her state of being.
Cancer is turned toward the past, he needs to dream, needs to turn his energy to his inner life, his unconscious.

Part 3B : Mercury and Virgo

Love ordered Mercury to announce his power to the Universe - Eustache Le SueurMercury is the ruling planet of two signs, Gemini and Virgo, where he is in both home and exaltation, which is the only planet in this case.
In Virgo, Mercury is enriched by technology in the utilitarian sense. He becomes an excellent mediator capable of rationalizing the irrational. Writing becomes music and poetry, knowledge becomes alphabet and mathematics. He is the messenger between intellect and intuition.
Here is the second part of the Mercurian Virgo type art.

Part B

2. The Virgo 

Part 2A: Mercury and Gemini

Young Mercury - Jean Baptise MauzaisseMy research about the Mercurial art was endless. Mercurial painters are writing painters, their art writes. Their art expresses a flowing and analysing intelligence, their art questions and answers at the same time. This time, I shared my work in two approaches. Sometimes, I started with the chart of the artist and later, I discovered the paintings. Other times, the artist was so popular that I knew, of course, his work before knowing his chart. Sometimes being the sign of Gemini or Virgo may not be sufficient to express a mercurian art.

Part 1 and 2 : Mars and Venus

Mars and Vénus - Lagrenée dit l’aîné, Louis-Jean-FrançoisIn astrology, each sign has its own ruling planet, each sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable, each sign expresses electric or magnetic polarity, each sign has a cold or hot temperature and each sign corresponds to one of the four elements fire, earth, air or water.
All these nuances, in addition to many others, provide endless nuances to every living being.
I wondered how I could better perceive the rich characteristics of each sign and better understand each expression of their own personality. Then, before the beauty of certain paintings and work of different artists, I realized a parallel between the work of certain artist and the expression of an astrological sign could be a source of light.