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P as in Parents, P as in Programs

Maman, Papa et les enfants.
In metagenealogy, part of the work request to observe carefully our parents, their behavior and expectations. All information collected during the years of our childhood and as a teenager then brought with us once adult, are valuable and helpful in order to understand our own choices and our programs. Loyalties settle at a very young age: to be loved, a child will adopt an attitude completely linked to the attitude he perceives from the parents. The need to be loved is central in the connection to our family and especially our parents and our brothers and sisters eventually.


At the beginning of our lives, each of us is in relation with his higher self. Yet, in lots of family trees, some of us have lost contact with our higher self and this disconnection is profoundly damaging to all levels of our lives. It is always a source of deep anger, deep shame, guilt and a profound sadness. It manifests sometimes in a more visible way in one of the four centers (material, emotional, intellectual and sexual / creative). These symptoms can help identify the nature of discomfort and sooner, help repair the link.

Alpha Beta Meta

During the study of a family tree in a meta way, we quickly discover various usual links based on pure genealogy such as repetition or opposition of personalities, one generation after another, or transmission of beliefs, blockages and obstacles recurrent or position, or birth order, of siblings, generation after generation. 
However, the study of the tree can provide many other links. For example, to understand the health of the feminine energy and masculine energy in a family, you can see how the tree transmits the life : miscarriages, abortions, time of pregnancy and childbirth, all these information are rich indices.