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Everything is connected
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The magic of insects and their oracles
Tout est lié
Un Dessin Un Jour | Drawing each Day
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Un Blog de vie et de couleurs / A blog to live & create

Everything is connected

Human Art

L'Attente | The Waitingness - Oil paster on Paper - MarJoLi

Tout le monde est créateur. 

En matière de création, il n'y a aucune hiérarchie, il n'y a que la liberté d'exprimer son âme sans restriction de frontières, de temps ou de moyens.
Aucun cours ni aucun diplôme n'a le pouvoir de vous permettre d'être. Personne ne peut vous autoriser à créer. Le fait même d'être présent ici et maintenant est la preuve vivante de la puissance de votre art Humain.

L'art prend toutes sortes de forme, il est la vie même.

One Circle For Only Connection

Inside the Crop Circle: http://cropcircleconnector.com/sc/sc.htmlThe bird flies because it must fly, the spider weaves because it must weave and the human being creates because he must create. For us, to create is to fly, to create is to weave and to create is also to breathe underwater. 
Everyone is exactly where he have to be according to the perfection of a divine geometry that seems to elude us. Such a great chessboard of the world that some would like to put under their microscope or telescope. But each of us is more than a single part of a chessboard.

What is Art

Character, Precolombian Art, TolimaAt more than 16 000 feet, in Colombia, Western Cordillera, bordered on the west by the coast of the South Pacific and on the north by the Caribbean Sea, is one of the many volcanic peaks sheltered in this area called Tolima. The peak of Tolima is ignivome, he spits fire ...
That is, in this region regularly prey to powerful earthquakes that live the descendants of the Indians of several tribes of pre-Columbian times. Their roots draw in those of Native such as the Pijaos, the Caribbean and the Quimbayas.

More than 100%

On a blank sheet of paper I draw lines. In the past, I have drawn thousands of lines, but this time it's different.
Ten vertical lines out of ten horizontal lines. I get a grid with a hundred squares and then, I color one square. This square is the 1% world. On this sheet is what it means to perceive an object, a person, a situation or an emotion in the 1%.
I look carefully at this square and then I close my eyes. This is where I find the rest ... the 99%. That's the process of creation. It is universal.

Sun is Light and Light is Knowledge

We watch television, we look at the computer screen, we listen to the radio, we talk on the phone, the daily routine become almost common for many.
We forget.
We forgot.
Or maybe we want to forget.
Forgot that the infinite energy which allows all transmissions comes from the Light.
And Light, is given. The sun gives without counting all the day long.
So we make choices every day. We chose to receive specific information, to watch specific movies, to listen to specific music, converting constantly Light into our daily activities.

Knowing Is Flying on the Wings of the Now

We all deeply need to align with what we call our inner being, our soul, our essence, our vital energy. 
But what is it to be aligned? This word comes up very often in music, books and in most teachings.
To understand the alignment, we must understand who we really are.

There is in each of us an invisible and a visible part. 

The visible part is the world as our eyes see and our hands touch, it is 1%. The invisible part of the world as our soul sees it, it is the 99%.
In the 1%, there is time, all kinds of emotions, beliefs, patterns, programming, habits and most importantly, there is fear.

My Door, My Vortex

There is a door.
This door is made of wood decorated with wild ivy.
This door is made of orange stained glass through which passes an infinite blue light.
This door is full of golden tiles colored with beautiful generous lines.
This door is water, air, earth, fire.
This door gives, receives and attracts.
She waits. She watches over the bees sleeping on pretty purple flowers filling the air with cinnamon, lavender and geranium perfumes.
This door is around each of us. It is the place where you feel comfortable, protected, welcomed.

Follow the Wild potatoes!

From wild wheat to wild rice including wild salmon, it seems it is good to connect with "wild" food. This is what we choose to eat, the material part of our lives and our physical well-being, it is the "I need ... to live." But are there other parts of our lives also invited to eat "wild"?!

The intellectual center
- I think, I question, I wonder -
"Hot potato to drop or keep for yourself!"

Feeding his intellect is willing to learn. So there have to be a wild teaching .

Find your world through your family words (*)

     When I started thinking about the words and around their spaces in my life, I thought of sentences, of proverbs. I remembered my grandmother repeating "a rolling stone gathers no moss". She had a proverb for everything and these sentences gave her the power, the power to always feel right. Often, I did not agree with these sentences, I lived even in anger. Some were absurd as " you understand fast but it is necessary to explain to you for a long time " or those in creole, particularly connected with the slavery "

Giraffe or Caribou ?

     First you must know and find who you are. Some know early in their lives, some do not want to know, and others spend their lives looking for who they are: it is their quest. Those are the people who work every day, or almost! To find the perfect tools, the perfect exploration. What attracts us really, where are our vibrations, our teachers, our guides? We are following... our questions. Then we discover that what we really like to do is...easy