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Once upon a time, ... holydays

Most of the time, to work is very different than to be on holydays, finally time seems free and belongs to us. In this context, work appears to be a constraint in various ways where time seems to be stolen from us while the holydays are a relief as if our time was finally given back to us, for a short period of...time, so we can use it freely.

Yet, another perception is available.

When we patiently discover our highest priorities and when we gradually want to humbly materialize them, a new path of thought is revealed. It allows us to slowly establish a clear link between our unique priorities and those of our current work or work to come, or those of our boss or our own company. Inevitably, thanks to this link, we can start to build anew our usual vision of what is called "work".

Whether you are employee or employer, the "work" can be lived then as a powerful tool for the fulfillment of the unique and personal priorities of each of us. This is how the old perception of work, often painful and sometimes source of drama, may be erased step by step.

But then.. what becomes the urgency for holidays if there is really no more sensation of working but only the conscious manifestation of why we were meant to be here?


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