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My Home, this Magnificent Crack

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Mon Foyer | Home
For the first time, today I felt the beauty of the place where I live. Walls and ceiling somewhere cracked, floor collapsing slowly, structure losing its joints quietly. falling ceramics, taps dripping and neither vertical nor horizontal ... 
Yet this is where for the first time, I feel the unconditional welcoming of a place. As damaged and abandoned as it can be, I never really perceived how true this home was neither how much it looked like me. 

I never knew what it was to have a home, I always had the feeling of having been dropped from an unknown nest which it was not allowed to remember.
As time passed by, watching the lives of seemingly lucky people, I learned all the strength that can give a home.  

A home is an essential element in the building and strength of one's personality. It gives confidence and stability, it provides a floor on which relying and walking during all the life, the feeling of being supported, no matter what. 

Today, my lost cocoon seems to have been restored. Yes, it is cracked, incomplete for sure and completely lost, but contemplating its walls defying gravity, I can finally feel what it is to be part of a magnificent sacred place.


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