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Thank you Mr V

A few weeks ago , I had an appointment with a entrepreneur, Mr V, for a test for about one hour. Here's the story. Hoping that this material may help you, too. I am currently studying the work of Professor John Demartini and the exercise I did after this appointment is largely based on his work.

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The Context
During three weeks, I went through a training in the shop of Mr V who told me after a few days of work that he would not pay me during my training. After about the equivalent of a week of work, I stopped the training when I realized it would never end, I was devaluing myself, and that giving my time for nothing was causing a massive imbalance in my life. Moreover, despite asking several times, I still did not know what salary he would offer. Mr V, who seemed very demanding and unwilling to give, asked me to pass a test also not planned. The day before the test, he canceled the appointment and agreed to postpone it the following week, same day, same time .

The Story 
So here I am at the appointment on that day the following week. Entering in the shop, I discovered a new employee was now following a "training". Then I wait after Mr V a good ten minutes , convinced that it was over and that he has found someone else. After a conversation a bit too long, he finally told me he did not prepare the test and ends up telling me to send my availability to work in his shop via email.

Symptoms and consequences 
I devalued myself,  besides the fact of having given my time for free, finding it hard to know the value of my work in this new area for me, causing me to overestimate Mr V and put his skills on a pedestal.

I left the shop and I remain calm outside. Yet inside I feel very disappointed, angry and frustrated : my value is at its lowest. I feel that the place is now taken and I was manipulated. I had to wait after my next appointment, over an hour later so I decided to spend some time in a park and I began an exercise to try to recover my balance. The park was empty.

Recover the center of my way and stop devaluing me . Do not allow this event to poison the rest of my day .

The exercise is based on at least four areas : the highest values ​​, the highest priorities , the process of neutralization and Gratitude.

I sit on a bench near a games area with water, everything is silent. On a mini-book, I do a two-column table. On the left, I list all my reactions, everything I feel uncomfortable and all I found negative in this moment.

Exercise or Resolution of the Equation 
On the right, for each point, I am now working to find the benefit, as difficult as it may seem, something that would allow me to change my perspective and shift my discomfort. Then, the park begins to animate. Lots of children arrive. Their laughter like water, spring everywhere.   
The Result 
Looking carefully at the two columns, a strange balance appears. What seemed an unpleasant sensation at the beginning of this story seems to literally dissolve. It's like the two poles neutralized. It seemed a peaceful energy had begun to come back to the space, as these moments after a storm, when the air seems to have been renewed and everything is loaded with a cleaned atmosphere. 

This must be Gratitude, the silence after the storm, after the ingratitude the recognition, after the mess the clean. 

Gratitude for Mr. V. His different priorities helped me to see clearly what I am not, what I value the most and finally a glimpse of what I'm worth. 

Thank you Mr V.


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