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Discipline (English)

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Je découvre la discipline qui vient de l'intérieur... Chaque jour, je dessine aux pastels à l'huile. C'est une de mes contributions du moment. Cette vidéo vous présente mes dessins de janvier à mai 2...
        For a long time, I realize that I dig, as a tireless minor, the issue of discipline and little by little I discovered ramifications in all areas of my life. I knew that everything was connected but when I thought I had finally understood the impact of discipline in my life, a new link was appearing and I was allowed to dissolve again and again new blocks that I was even not aware of.

Understand the concept of discipline has become increasingly important in my life these past few months. For several years, for me, the discipline came from outside. It was my "boss", in fact, that endorsed the creation of a kind of schedule that turned out to be an illusion because finally this supposed discipline was in fact a routine imposed by an external authority. Not to mention I was regularly back to the feeling of being a "victim".
So, the more I understood my process, the faster I walked away from my feeling of being a victim and the more I aspired to become a real actor of my choices.

What I know now is that the "real" discipline comes from within.

Since I put myself in a position of having to decide each day, month and year, my schedule and the time I want to spend and on which activity, I faced the need to build a specific discipline for me , but how to do that?
Thanks to the great inspiring teacher Dr Demartini I deeply realized that most of the time we spend will always go for our current highest values ​​that are also unique and personal to each of us. Therefore, knowing what I value most has become a priority for me in order to help me finalizing my transition from a "discipline" coming from the outside to a discipline coming from within.

Distinguish between the two was now obvious. During all these years, the discipline that came from outside always quickly became for me very boring while on the other hand, the discipline that really comes from within infuses to my life a genuine new energy that I wish all of you, like me, that hate the feeling of boredom, to know. This discipline comes almost naturally once we understand what drives us deeply, what is why we want to live.

To tame my transition, three axes came to me :

  • know, more every day, what I value most in my life to be able to activate what is placed highest on my mind,
  • really recognize the value of my time and find out how I want to serve others around me,
  • balance my ups and downs with my ability to say "thank you."

Discipline is joy when it comes from within, disciplin is what remains when you get rid of the illusion of who you are not.


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