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Part 6A: Jupiterian Art of Sagittarius

Gustave Moreau - Jupiter et Semele Jupiter! The great "bénéfique"! He takes a year to visit a sign unlike other planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars, which moving faster. Jupiter is called a "heavy" planet symbolizing maturity, but also success, education, wealth, everything that grows both in the generosity and in excess. Jupiter always gives, he is the chance, represents children and also exuberance.
But Jupiter is also Zeus, the king of Olympus, who escaped the cannibalism of his father Cronus (Saturn), which is why he expresses so well the sense of providence and reign over the light, sometimes, in a sky sometimes quiet sometimes electric! He commands the stars and is also conduct Justice from his paternal and benevolent personality!

The Jupiterian art is found in two signs: Sagittarius and Pisces. Today, it is the first part of the study of some examples of Sagittarians painters or very influenced by Jupiter.

Part A

Once upon a time there were Jupiter and the Sagittarius! First a brief overview of the mythology that will eventually allows us a better capture of the nature of the Jupiterian art in a Sagittarius way.

"Jupiter-Zeus, son of Cronus who devoured his children at birth, escaped the fate of his brothers thanks to Rhea, his mother. To save her child, she gave a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes to Saturn, who ate it by taking for his son.
Entrusted to the nymphs, he was fed with milk and honey.
Reaching adulthood, Zeus wanted to seize the power of Cronos. But before he asked the advice of Metis (the Prudence), who gave him a drug thanks to which Cronus had to vomit all the children he had incorporated.
After a long struggle, called Titanomachy, Zeus, helped by the Cyclops he have freed from Tartar, defeated Cronos and the Titans and drove them out of the sky.
But the giants protested and wanted to avenge the Titans, they attacked Zeus in a fight called gigantomachy.
To defeat them, Zeus summoned a man: Heracles. But the hardest struggle was the one he had to undertake against Typhon, monster in mid-bestial mid-human shape.
Numerous were the loves of Zeus. Among them was Thémis, goddess of laws, with which he begat the "Hours": Discipline, Justice and Peace, and the Moires or the Fates, who personify Fate.
Possessor of Lightning, Zeus rumbles against those who fail to their duty. "

There is in Sagittarius, a supreme momentum with two poles, expressed by the arrow shot off into the hills by a centaur. The centaur signs his taste for adventure and his vast ambitions, both half-man and half-horse, it refers to the importance of the animal muscle power at the same time as his aspiration to the divine, this spiritual quest to the "higher levels of the mind." This arrow always sets a goal. It is sometimes imbued with the gigantic and impatient strength of Zeus and sometimes relented and turned to his human ideal that can be seen wiser and measurable.

The Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, he finishes the fall and opens the door to winter and to the last three signs that follow. It is a masculine, hot and electric sign. Always alert and enthusiastic, he wants to transform and act. "He sees".
Striving for the target is part of his nature.
In the human body, the sagittarius signs the heaviest organ, the liver (meaning of the power of Jupiter) as well as the hips and thighs (meaning of the centaur). In Chinese medicine, the liver is closely related to the eyes. Which goes in the direction of the target, therefore, the visual acuity and the need to express his power and his constant desire to expand.

So here are, in chronological order, some painters Sagittarius I chose among many! 
There is:
William Blake (1757), 
Georges Seurat (1859), 
Edvard Munch (1863), 
Toulouse Lautrec (1864), 
Vassily Kandinski (1866), 
Paul Klee (1879), 
Jan Sluyters (1881), 
Tsuguharu Fujita (1886), 
Marc Tobey (1890) et!
Otto Dix (1891).

William Blake

Great poet and visionary, Blake is clearly an artist with excessive works and a very high ideal. In its chart, the sun is framed by Jupiter and Pluto in the fifth house, a powerful spirit devoted to a huge creative potential, but also a deep desire to be able to touch the living expression of Good and Evil. His art is more than painting, it is a bite completly devoted to his sense of mystique.
In his work, the drawing is simply exuberant leaving little room for the colors, the lines are fabulous and perfect.

Blake - The angel of Revelation
Blake - The ancient of Days

Blake - the good and evil angelsBlake- Illustration to Dante's divine comedy hell

Georges Seurat

First passionate about drawing, his paintings always kept this finesse in the lines featuring the works of Ingres, his teacher. Seurat was also passionate about natural light and colors, he wanted to create the illusion of color in the very eye of the viewer, a goal at the visual size of a native of Sagittarius. But it is mainly the presence of complementary colors that gives to his work an unreal touch even an access to a world steeped in contemplation and silence. His impressive work gave birth to Pointillism.
In his chart, you can see he has the Sun, Venus and Mercury in conjunction halfway between houses III and IV and Jupiter, the master of this conjunction, is in Cancer in the middle of the sky: the intelligence and sense of beauty in the service of a personal ideal personal and in the service of the public. Perhaps the influence of the sign of Cancer with Moon in Pisces explains the constant presence of water in his work and the feeling of privacy yet in the heart of great outdoors. The space we found in his paintings is as an emotional home that welcomes and comforts.

Seurat - Alfalfa st-denisSeurat - Port-en-bessin entrance to the harbor

Seurat - Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatteSeurat - The models

Edvard Munch

The art of Munch is a powerful art, an art of the underground where light comes like an explosion. It may happen to be two parts in his life, the first part seems dark, sad, like a descent into hell and a second part where the light is installed permanently and securely to not leave his work anymore.
Striving for light, Jupiterian art of Munch questions, talks about death, about a sexuality source of anguish and about challenging love affairs. Emotions such as jealousy and fear are very present in the first part of his life. Although the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury in Sagittarius, we can see that Jupiter is between Mars and Venus in Scorpio opposite Pluto in Taurus. It had to give him a lot of intensity, magnetism but also frustrated loves, possessiveness, a taste for rebellion and for secret actions yet often supported by Providence. The need to destroy in order to renew of the scorpion in his work thus receives the support and protection of the powerful Jupiter.
In different versions of "The Scream" can be captured a slow and dull, but definitive turning point in his painting, as if he had found in his hell a strength full of light well anchored in his following work.

Munch - MoonlightMunch - The Scream (1893)

The Scream (in 1893)


The Scream (1910)

Munch - The Scream (1910)
Munch - The Sun

Toulouse Lautrec

The art of Sagittarius tends to always want to project us forward and help us discover other worlds. However the art of the Sagittarius Toulouse Lautrec rather seems full of the desire to live what he can no longer live. Physically affected as a teenager in the lower part of his body, Toulouse Lautrec seems to have wanted to give all his energy to restore the momentum and muscle pace he could not live. Passionate about horses from an early age, he painted and drew quantity of work in which the horse is central. Legs everywhere, legs running, rush, dancing, cycling, acrobats are everywhere in his work. It expresses the need for speed and propulsion forward with impressive freedom, as if he was finding through his paintings and drawings, this priceless movement he had been deprived early in his life.

Yet, despite the triple conjunction of Sun-Jupiter-Mercury in Sagittarius straddling in house 1 and 2 which have certainly given him greater financial protection, the opposition of Mars in Gemini to this triple conjunction and the presence of Saturn in Libra in 12th house are certainly the two aspects that have most affected his life in his frantic creative, but brief, race, to a range of subjects for most deliberately moving or still longer and slender shapes.The generous, persistent and uncompromising art of Toulouse Lautrec is very influenced also by Saturn, on the border between the two arts. It is difficult to try to place it in one without the other. Could it be that Saturn although dethroned by his son Jupiter, got finally the last word?

Toulouse Lautrec - At the circus fernando the riderToulouse Lautrec - Artilleryman saddling his horse

Toulouse Lautrec - Marcelle lender dancing in the bolero in chilperic

Toulouse Lautrec - Seated dancer in pink tights

Wassily Kandinski

Like Georges Seurat, Kandinsky has in his chart Mercury, Venus and the Sun in conjunction in Sagittarius but in the ascendant, which seems to have given him a great vitality, a great intellectual flexibility and a nature proned to the search of Beauty and wellness. This combination has certainly allowed him to be understood and recognized as an incredible art theorist. His work is clear and radiant imprinted of great emotional skill.

Like in the chart of Toulouse Lautrec, the proximity of Saturn to his ascendant may have given him two tracking parts in his life, a portion turned toward perseverance and the need to look inside himself (before 1911) and a part characterized by a certain mystery and a sense of loneliness. For the art of the Jupiterian Kandinsky is entirely focused on the research of expression and explanations about the art in a revolutionary way, pushing and questioning what exists, which is the meaning of the scorpion. In this sense, he joined the intensity of the Scorpio art (see the article on the art of Martian Scorpio Picasso and also the Saturnian art of Matisse, article coming soon!). However with Mars opposite Jupiter, his generosity had to be often frustrated by everything that is signed by Mars, including wars.

Kandinsky's work has a tremendous richness and finesse. He clearly spent much of his life seeking for innovative researches and being of service to others. (part of the meaning of Jupiter in Aquarius)

Wassiliy Kandinski - Interior my dining roomWassily Kandinski - Untitled first abstract watercolor

Wassily Kandinski - Composition IX

Paul Klee 

Klee expresses a musical art in the heart of a "painting-poetry." He is an artist who sees his canvas as a living entity, tied with vegetable or animal kingdom. His art is full of simplicity and reaches with all his arrows his spiritual ideal.
The Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in his ascendant gives him a powerful imagination and a very generous sociability on top of an intense inspiration, an altruistic nature and an infinite love for arts and music. It can be highlighted also his conjunction Mercury-Sun in MC (middle of his sky) in Sagittarius, which had to give a lot of sparkle to his path and also contribute to his literary success.

Paul Klee - SenecioPaul Klee - Tunisian gardens

Paul Klee - To the parnassus

Jan Sluyters

Sluyters has in his chart a triple conjunction Venus-Mercury-Sun in Sagittarius in house 3, which signed a youthful spirit with a brilliant mind, an easiness in communication and a perfect taste for arts. In addition, he has Jupiter between Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in Taurus, which had to give him a lot of persistence and a great artistic popularity.

Jan Sluyters - Morning GloryJan Sluyters - View on Road

Tsuguharu Fujita 

With a quadruple conjunction in Sagittarius: Venus, Sun, Moon and Mercury, the art of the Sagittarius Fujita is characterized by travels, love of everyday life and the feminine. His mind like his line must have strive towards a secret ideal (part of the meaning of his scorpion ascendant). In his chart, Jupiter is in Libra in the 12th house, an aspect that surely contributes to a great success with the public. His work is very delicate and magnificiently influenced by women.

Tsuguharu Fujita - Woman and CatTsuguharu Fujita - Self-portrait in the studio

Marc Tobey

Like Fujita, Tobey has in its chart a quadruple conjunction in Sagittarius: Venus, Sun, Moon and Mercury. His impressive work presents a deep swarm of characters leading to a quasi-musical world. His painting is very far from silence, she plays both an innovative and persuasive melody that makes you want to follow the sounds. (part of meaning of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius).

Marc Tobey - Autumn FieldMarc Tobey

Otto Dix

When we observe the chart of Otto Dix, we can first see that he too has, like Fujita and Tobey, a quadruple conjunction Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus in Sagittarius but on the contrary his Jupiter, is in Pisces. This underlines that he also has a love for arts, music and the feminine, and at the same time he was possessing a generous creativity able to protect as much as possible and helping him to pursue an ideal very difficult to define with words : "My ideal was always to paint like the masters of the early Renaissance ... Everything is already there ... In the incredible simplicity of Cranach ..."

Otto Dix - Moon woman

Finally the Jupiterian art of Sagittarius is particularly complex. It always tends toward an ideal and always wants to propel forward and let us know new horizons. Sagittarius's aim is twofold. He faces the reality and what he perceives as limitations and at the same time, he longs eagerly for a different world, human and spiritual.

In the art of Sagittarius there is something chivalrous. His burning enthusiasm, his electric ambition and his sense of grandiose seems to open all doors, making it hard to resist his call!


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