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Part 3B : Mercury and Virgo

Love ordered Mercury to announce his power to the Universe - Eustache Le SueurMercury is the ruling planet of two signs, Gemini and Virgo, where he is in both home and exaltation, which is the only planet in this case.
In Virgo, Mercury is enriched by technology in the utilitarian sense. He becomes an excellent mediator capable of rationalizing the irrational. Writing becomes music and poetry, knowledge becomes alphabet and mathematics. He is the messenger between intellect and intuition.
Here is the second part of the Mercurian Virgo type art.

Part B

2. The Virgo closes summer, it is the transformation to get into the fall, the harvest to stay alive in the winter. It is a cold sign, earthy and magnetic, it is double and human. In this sign, the consciousness awakens refraining from the emotions, the need is to rationalize: "I ​​analyze." The Virgo is a sign opposed to spontaneity, he signed two tendencies: the impulse versus the inhibition, the classic versus the quest for new. That is why in this art, there is often a tendency to perfectionism but also the constant search for harmony, peace, serenity. The paintings can be cold, rigid and seem terribly indifferent or even contemptuous. Mercury thrives on this tension between good and evil, between wisdom and madness, he's expressing a torn, ambivalent, anxious, analytical way of painting but also he's constantly looking for coherence meeting the invisible and unconscious.

I chose a set of painters whose life and work reflect radiant Mercury in Virgo. Sometimes they are not Virgo, and sometimes even without the birthdate, the work can be clearly identified as greatly influenced by the mercurial Virgo type art.

The purpose is to present works able to present the constant need to balance action and Mercury in Virgo in a understandable and clearly way as possible. Here are, in chronological order, the painters I have chosen:Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, George Stubbs, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Jacques-Louis David Friedrich Caspar David, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Constant Troyon, Theodore Chassériau, Edward Burnes-Jones and Isaac Levitan among other !

Mercurial Virgo type art is the art of duality before the art of atmosphere. It is firmly rooted in the technique and sometimes almost with a photographic treatment of these subjects.
By moving forward in time, it gradually overcomes photography as well as portrait and emphasizes the anxiety of questioning by trying to express the day to day lives in the most refined possible way.

Jan Van Eyck

The Madonna, Chancellor Rolin - Jan Van EyckThe Spouses Arnolfini - Jan Van Eyck

Traditionally, Jan Van Eyck and his brother Hubert are seen as the inventors of oil painting. The perfection of its use, never equaled, the richness of the themes in questions, duplication, and reflections, not to mention the accuracy of the line, led to classify this work in the mercurial Virgo type art.
The birthdate of Jan Van Eyck remains unknown. However, when you see the perfect layout which is accompanied by a certain coldness often described in two parts in the painting and the multitude of tiny details everywhere, one can not help thinking about the qualities of Mercury and the sign of Virgo.
There is also the presence of mirrors, cutting the paintings in different worlds, the expression quite distant of the painted beings, almost detached, and above all the search for purity. This is the meaning of the analytical quest of Virgo and its association with an adult Mercury. The light, the shapes of faces and the privacy unveiled at the eye of the viewer still remain and the theme of motherhood also suggests a more lunar art, perhaps from the sign of Cancer.

Pieter Brueghel the Elder

The Fall of Icarus - Pieter Brueghel the ElderThe Tower of Babel - Peter Brueghel the Elder

Children's Games - Pieter Brueghel the ElderThe art of Pieter Brueghel is part of the triad Cancer-Leo-Virgo art by his inoui sense of detail, the multiple characters of all kinds, the expression of strength as well as the warm expression of his light.
The structures of the scenes are divinely described, this is the genius in the service of the multitude.
We do not know either the exact birthdate of Pieter Brueghel the Elder but given its family tree of six generations, we clearly see the influence of the months of July, August and September in the life of this family. The realism of their works as an expression of their love of nature and the ardent, even tortured, observation of their subjects put their art between Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

Georges Stubbs

Mares and Foals in a River near - George StubbsHorse Frightened by a Lion - George Stubbs

Lion Attack a Horse - George Stubbs

Portrait of Isabella Saltonstall - George Stubbs

With four celestial bodies present in the sign of Virgo, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto, the art of George Stubbs is certainly very influenced by Mercury and Virgo. However, Venus in Virgo is not an easy aspect: Venus is falling, her attributes are not very compatible with the cold reason of the sign, the nature of this work is always loaded with reserved emotions, almost off in time, frozen.
Also, good and evil, black and white, power and vulnerability, the nobility and the wild strenght are part of the essence of his magnificent work.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Jean-Baptiste Greuze was born on August 21 so he ends the sign of Leo with a 28°Leo Sun. However, the presence of three planets Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Virgo, as in George Stubbs chart, gives his art a very mercurial Virgo appearance. His art is descriptive and full of pending emotions that require an effort in order to be decoded. Gravity, innocence and playfulness remain strangely side by side in the same painting. There are many questions, keeping us in the need to understand the story and the opposed introduced forces. However, the light is bright, sunny and powerful. It seems to comfortably cover the subjects with an eternal summer light or an eternal youth, which is part of the meaning of Leo.

Jacques-Louis David

Sabines Interventions - Jacques-Louis DavidThe Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis - Jacques-Louis David

Abandoned Psyche - Jacques-Louis David

The Death of Marat - Jacques-Louis David

Jacques-Louis David was born on August 30 and is a Virgo. However, his ascendant is in Leo with three planets, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. This gives his art, in addition of his very Mercurial precision full of tragic contrasts, an extremely radiant Sunny art.

His drawing is perfect, the execution of his work is great. It tend to exceed the space of the painting. The presence of the subjects is built with application. Some tension and rigidity also seem to always prevail over the feminine softness represented in the scenes. His art aims rather the strength and power than the elegance or sensuality.

Caspar David Friedrich

Klosterruine Oybin - Caspar David FriedrichRocky landscape in the Elbsandsteingebirge - Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich
Riesengebirge - Caspar David Friedrich

Sea of ​​Clouds - Caspar David FriedrichThe art of Caspar David Friedrich is by all means an incredible mercurial Virgo type art  with a magnificent peak of the solar energy coming from the sign of Leo. Friedrich has four celestial bodies in Virgo: Sun, Moon, Neptune and Saturn plus a Venus-Mercury conjunction in Leo.
This is a very Virgo art but also a very solar art due to its radiation and the way it imprints  the soul of the spectator, leaving no one indifferent.
Friedrich is a genius in landscape, a genius in genius and a lonely genius. His paintings are the personification of the human soul sometimes tortured and sometimes in ecstatic connection with nature. They express the eternal questions of human before the immensity and beauty of nature, its life in this infinite world, rich in lines, perfection and transparency.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

The Turkish Bath - Jean-Auguste-Dominique IngresLa Grande Odalisque - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Mlle Rivière - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Jupiter and Antiope - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Raphael and The Fornarina - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres was a student of David, and as David and also as Friedrich, his art has a clear split between the Virgo and Leo.
Born on August 29, Ingres is a Virgo with a Mercury-Sun conjunction, but his ascendant is Leo with a triple conjunction Venus-Mars-Moon in Leo also. This show a mercurial Virgo type art but with a radiation and an undeniable solar influence. Ingres is above all a master looking for accuracy and truth.

Death of Léonard De Vinci - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Passionate with music and very loyal to writing, we find this double direction in his art. 
It is a written and musical art. His drawing are as perfect as cold, almost surgical. Emotions are sometimes repressed, almost ignored, and sometimes go beyond the simple representation of a personality, they reach a admirable psychological depth. What a strength and determination in its lines, what a beauty in this forced restraint and this sober unveiling. This is very close to the meaning of Virgo.

Constant Troyon

Meeting at the Edge of the Wood - Constant TroyonSheep watching a Storm - Constant Troyon

De vissers Lissabon - Constant Troyon

View Surennes Heights - Constant Troyon

Constant Troyon, born on August 28 is Virgo with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo. It also has a Mars-Moon conjunction in Leo very aspected.
The art of Troyon is very close to the art of great writers. It inspires. It is a hymn to nature, to the cycles, to the earthly simplicity. He knows how to place the animals without neglecting the beauty of the landscape. A set of works that seems to generate peace and quiet. He perfectly expresses the love for the land and animals. The power of the art of Troyon is in the pending and silent harmony that he creates through his paintings.

Théodore Chassériau

Andromeda attached to Rock By The Nereides - Theodore ChassériauSuzanne Au Bain - Théodore Chassériau

The ghost Banquet - Theodore Chassériau
Theodore Chassériau was a student of Ingres. Soon, he gave up the purity of the line for the benefit of color. As Stubbs, he has Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Virgo. His art decribes, tells a story always full of tensions, sometimes sad and sometimes strange.

The Two Sisters - Théodore Chassériau

There is a quest for a certain purity. Subjects are both disturbing, beautiful and worrisome. Rich in emotions somewhat static but very deep, his art communicates duality: darkness versus whiteness, candor versus gravity. It is not light emotions that  are whistling to charm, but really questioning and in the search for meaning.

The Rock of Doom - Edward Burnes-JonesLove In The Middle Of Ruins - Edward Burnes-Jones

The Garden - Edward Burnes-Jones

The Lament - Edward Burnes-Jones

Edward Burnes-Jones was born on August 28, it has a triple conjunction of Sun-Mars-Saturn in Virgo. His paintings always expresses a certain inconsolable gravity or a transition between two states or choices, there is a hope that is not forthcoming. The lines are pure, so are the colors. The light is so special that it seems to be concerned to what will happen next in the complex history captured in each of the paintings. Many languor, pain and sadness in his Mercurial Virgo type art.

Isaac Levitan

Lily Branches - Isaac LevitanVesna Bolsh Voda - Isaac Levitan

Over the Top Eternal Peace - Isaac Levitan

A River by a Summer Afternoon - Isaac Levitan

Venice - Isaac Levitan

The art of Isaac Levitan almost completely dedicated to the majesty of nature. Yet despite their vastness, his landscapes appear intimate and close. This may be the meaning of Venus in Cancer. The essence of the water in the paintings is both maternal and mysterious. Coming with the conjunction Saturn-Sun in Virgo, there is a feeling of loneliness supported by the total absence of people in his works, even in the portraits, the feeling of isolation is there. The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Leo gave a very prolific and radiant work.There is in his art, a love for life between two elements: earth and water, as a constant and patient exploration of an invisible boundary that seems to protect the nature from an unpredictable change.

The Mercurial Virgo type art is the art of question, analysis, loneliness and writing, worried and tormented, always in perpetual search for balance.
The Virgo art is fully aware of the "ephemerality" of beliefs and of the short time of life. It lies at the horizon of all awareness. And at the border of these two worlds, between darkness and light, between life and death, reigns its quest for truth.

The perfect art to accompagny us in all our daily questions! 


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