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Part 1 and 2 : Mars and Venus

Mars and Vénus - Lagrenée dit l’aîné, Louis-Jean-FrançoisIn astrology, each sign has its own ruling planet, each sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable, each sign expresses electric or magnetic polarity, each sign has a cold or hot temperature and each sign corresponds to one of the four elements fire, earth, air or water.
All these nuances, in addition to many others, provide endless nuances to every living being.
I wondered how I could better perceive the rich characteristics of each sign and better understand each expression of their own personality. Then, before the beauty of certain paintings and work of different artists, I realized a parallel between the work of certain artist and the expression of an astrological sign could be a source of light. This would surely illustrate and introduce to the beauty of each astrological sign, through its own pictorial expression.

Most of the time, I looked on the sign of the artist but in some cases, art is not necessarily expressing his sun sign but another sign particularly "busy" in the chart. For example, Peter Paul Rubens is cancer, but his choice of subjects and his treatment of these coppery golden colors, red and yellow paintings mark a solar sensibility, not to mention his life itself. In his chart the sign of the lion was very aspected.
So, the sun sign is not necessarily all in the artistic expression of the artist, his work is of course a full set of forces in balance or imbalance, but the solar component provides a starting direction and remains essential in the direction of his work.

I based this short study on the essence of the first seven planets of the solar system. In this way, we can consider seven primary arts : Martian art, Venusian art, Mercurian art, Lunar art,  Solar art, Jupiterian art and Saturnian art.

In this first two parts, you will find Martian art and Venusian art.

I - Martian art or the art of Aries and the art of Scorpio

1. Aries, the sign of cardinal fire, opens the door of the spring and is a masculine, electric and hot sign. His fiery passion for life and enthusiastic need to rush is its fuel. He wants to be: "I am." In that fire are the artists like Raphael, Gustave Moreau, Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

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Oedipus and the Sphinx - Gustave Moreau.Triumph of Galatea - Raphael

Oliviers - Vincent van Gogh
The art in Aries is "frontal", it is the art of the intensity and the nascent force. He wants to try everything, know everything, his energy seems insatiable. Besides, the expertise of these artists greatly exceeds the study of painting. For example, Gustave Moreau, studied engraving, drawing, sculpture, etc.. For Leonardo da Vinci, there were anatomy, sculpture, architecture, urbanism, botany, philosophy, writing, etc..

"(...), Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I have before my eyes, I use color in a more arbitrary way to express myself more forcefully". Vincent van Gogh wrote in 1888. Aries expresses a passionate art and needs to exorcise this fire to reach the divine.

2. Scorpio is a magnetic cold sign, a feminine sign of fixed water. It installs the fall. He wants to destroy in order to rebuild and regenerate the world around him or the subjects that he is passionate with. Scorpio wishes: "I wish". Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Johannes Vermeer and Francis Bacon intensely express this sense of secrecy and systematic deconstruction to find a new angle of creation.

(These artworks may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles. Why)

The Japanese Bridge - Claude MonetWeeping Woman - Picasso

The art of Scorpio is all in the processing, endlessy renewed exploration and rebellion. Picasso summarized the goal of Cubism by: "paint looking for a new expression, freed from unnecessary realism with a personal method, without enslaving me or associate myself with the objective reality." Monet, meanwhile, had a palette rather "fixed" because until 1880, he used mostly ultramarine, cobalt blue and cadmium yellow. At Vermeer work, no traces of sketches under the paint, no preparatory drawings. There is a mystery in the execution of the meticulousness of his work. He may have used a "camera obscura", the ancestor of the camera to obtain a reduced image of the subject before painting.

For Magritte, the artist must "excel in each new painting thanks to a useful renewal". However, his art is also very Jupiterian. In his chart, the occupation of the sign of Sagittarius is very significant. (see in Part 4)

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Young Woman with a Water Pitcher - VermeerPyrénées Castle - Magritte

II - Vénusien art or the art Taurus and the art of Libra

1. Taurus is a magnetic and cold sign, a fixed earth sign. It installs the spring and wants to possess: "I have". Earth, nature, gluttony, materiality are central to his art. Gustave Courbet, Dali, Eugène Delacroix, and Turner are expressing a Venusian art full of sensuality, reality and surreality.

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Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity - DaliThe Hammock - Courbet

Melle Rose - Delacroix

The art of Taurus immortalize sensuality, beauty of the people, landscapes and social reality. Here, we find the skill of the knife in the application of color, this "buttery" aspect of Courbet's painting: "I only paint what I see." Beyond reality is Dali with his art of "handmade photography" and his meticulously surfaces prepared with opaque colors. Outside, Delacroix made ​​many studies in watercolor and drawings, the aspect of his art is strictly descriptive while faithful watching and spontaeity coexist on the same canvas.

However, born in June 10, 1819, Gustave Courbet was not Taurus but Gemini. When we look at its chart, it may be noted that it was ascendant Taurus and had three planets in Taurus which are, Mars, Venus and Mercury. This beautiful occupation of Taurus in its birth chart can certainly put his art in the Venusian art of Taurus.

2. Libra is a cardinal air sign, electrical, feminine and warm. It expresses the beginning of autumn, the choice, the pursuit of justice. Values ​​are social and beyond the individual alone: "I balance". Here we find, for example, the art of François Boucher, Antoine Watteau, Jean-François Millet, Théodore Géricault, El Greco and Tintoretto.

(These artworks may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles. Why)

Cythera - WatteauPastora - Millet

Marie-Louise O'Murphy - BoucherThe Miracle of the Slave - Le Tintoret

The Venusian art of Libra is aerial, elegant, charming, sociable but also sensitive, fragile, concerned and respectful of the values ​​of the land.
Millet painted after nature studies, the shade of his earthy hues built by transparency gives his art a remarkable presence of peace and interiority. El Greco inspired by Tintoretto, used, like him, wax figures for the "staging" of his paintings with elegant silhouettes, elongated as well as tortuous. Two trends are balanced: the romantic lightness of the depictions, almost indecisive, and the classic sensuality of a changing world.

- - - 

After a short presentation of these two arts, Venusian art and Martian art, we see that the Martian expression and Venusian expression are very rich and nuanced. They are as opposite as complementary. The art of aries can push as much as the scorpion art can shake, but in completely different ways. In Aries, the burning energy of Mars is doubled with the fire bursting of the sign, while in the scorpion, the electric heat of Mars cools in contact with this fixed and magnetic water sign.

Likewise, the art of Libra seems very different from the art of Taurus, Venus is nevertheless doubling in harmony.
Venus in Taurus gives a fixed sensuality, built to last while Venus in Libra expresses a warm lightweight, aerial and electric start. Both configurations give very different arts and yet both characterized by the same planet.

To better understand the richness of Venus expression, we can look at the character and symbolism of this planet. Venus is a magnetic planet, she's attracting and causes the "liaisons". She signs the woman in a lover meaning as well as fun places such as theaters, cinemas, etc..
With the Libra, she enters a world that seeks conciliation, choice, fairness.
With Taurus, she is in a world of perseverance, stability, fertility and enjoyment.
The solar will of Libra and Taurus are tinted on one hand with the need to possess the material and secondly by the need to collaborate with others. The energy of Venus is therefore manifested in two different ways but both equally shining.

Many beautiful discoveries, what do you think?


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