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How would I like my life to feel?

     I would like my life to express the light depth of a forest. She(*) would have the strenght of cobalt blue, the softness collaboration of blue cerulean, he knows to be present while helping enhance other colors possibilities, and the light of lemon yellow. Her roots would expand to the infinite sky and her branches in a radiant blue land of love. She would protect an emerald green lake whose gleams would have the intelligence of the heart. 

This forest, she is perhaps in all of us, they grow in infinite varieties, but they breathe all the same perfumes: those of our childhoods, our hopes, our joys and our sorrows. 

Welcome your home, welcome your life. 


                             How would I like my life to feel?
                             Oil on canvas (30in x 30in x 1 3/4in) 

(*) I use the feminine for a forest, in french a forest is feminine.

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