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Giraffe or Caribou ?

     First you must know and find who you are. Some know early in their lives, some do not want to know, and others spend their lives looking for who they are: it is their quest. Those are the people who work every day, or almost! To find the perfect tools, the perfect exploration. What attracts us really, where are our vibrations, our teachers, our guides? We are following... our questions. Then we discover that what we really like to do is... easy, just easy and simple, and everything seems to align when we want to make it. We face the opinions of others around, confronting our thoughts and feelings, we develop our sense of self, our self-confidence, the power of our personal will versus the will of our colleagues, our friends, our family.

And once we start to know who we are, once we recognize and built our individual will, once we know how to meet our needs and discover our sense of integrity,.. .the things change. We realize that this inner strenght that we feel when we are really ourselves, this strenght is much bigger than our own will. At this time, we realize that our personal commitment is a beautiful illusion, that the only will that can be followed is divine will.

Then, our commitment aligns the divine will. As if we were connected to millions of volts, the energy is unlimited and always growing. We seem to always be in the right place, with the right person and to do the right thing.

The gull has no difficulty to fly as the squirrel has no difficulty climbing in trees. Both are fully realized every second, their individual wishes do not exist: they are in the divine hands.

During the last years, I wondered if I was a gull, a giraffe, an ant, a squirrel or even a caribou and you know what is the best way to know who you are? Look for what you are doing easily, for what you do with joy and without effort, for what makes you happy and makes the world around you happy. It is in these moments and these unique skills you have, that you can understand who you really are.

One day, you wake up and your true nature, the nature that has never ceased to grow in you, is there.


oil on canvas (30in x 30in x 1 3/4in) 
Secret Painting of february 2012

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