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A bit of auction on a mountain of intentions !

For my third auction ending on December 17, 2011, let me describe the intentions living behind each of the six proposed paintings.

1) The Inner Child
Each of us is the sum of multiple pieces of life, slices, years, or even seconds of life. These pieces of us, sown here and there in our past, keeps haunting us in the present. But to survive, they must be fed by our energy in our present life. And it is our choice to keep feeding them or to make peace with them, so we can find freedom, also recover a part of our energy and feel stronger in the now. The strings of the past, are our human, sticky, poisonous and hellish spiders webs.

To create this painting, I thought of a difficult part of my childhood. I give it the intention to protect the joy of our inner child so that in our present, our joy can flourish safely, expand around us and not be intimidated anymore by our own fears and those of the others.

This painting is there to remind you that you have the right to be happy even if around us people continuously are in the blame.

It expresses the strenght:
- to respect the joy of our inner child,
- to remain inaccessible to the sarcasms,
- and to protect the strength of the happiness of the child within us.

May this part of us, whatever it is, having fun on an infinite trampoline and reclaim the joy that it deserves to live.

2) Shadow Yellow
For this painting, I start thinking of the intimate relationship between our shadow and our light.

When I started, the first thing that happened was the white vertical line, cutting the canvas in two. Therefore, were born two parts closely interacting. 
For one, the colours were clear with the reign of orange in all kinds of variations. The other, allowed more blue and green dark.The opposition between the values of the two, as well as the unfinished symmetry  give his magic to the painting.

The idea is to understand that in each of us, there is a constant friction between two opposing forces. It is this friction that is creating our energy, such as a door towards our 99%.

Between the fear of our shadow and the love of our light, there is also the love of our shadow and fear of our light. Everything is reflecting and all is both shadow and light.
But how can we like our shadow and how can we tame our fear of living in our light?
Halfway between our saboteur and our challenger, one day, one chooses the spiritual path and there is no coming back. Our bounderies start to be defined, pushing our yellow to integrate our shadow.
And suddenly, our palette take makes sense: our yellow of shadow is created and life is never the same.

3) Only Hope
In this painting, the symbolism of yellow is very important. During his creation, I was wondering how each of us is expressing his personal bounderies and how he lived with them.

Passionate about the science of the Enneagram, nine flowers appeared as I painted and slowly, green and purple took their places in the background, creating a rustic space and a certain harmony despite the difference between the shapes. Shapes appeared in their own way, as they wished. It was surprising to see how they organized their space without my intervention. 
Each of them have their own personality and their energy is really present.

So, you find here 9 flowers, figuring the nine numbers of the Enneagram, very old science of the study of our integrations and our desintegrations.

Each flower expresses her own individuality and her own way to shine. 
What is yours?... to find out, you will need to study the Enneagram then, close your eyes, and only then... your flower will appear!

4) There is nothing to regret
How many times some will say that they should have done this or that, or that if it was to do again..., or even regret this or that part of their life or such and such event. But what is done is done and the only choice we have is to move forward. And to move forward, peace with all those "I should have" or the blame of the past... past, is essential.

Most of the time, was we regret have to do with what we don't like about ourselves, or all that we don't want to show, everything we consider as negative about us, or simply about this part of us that we would simply like to eradicate. But this is not possible, all the pieces of our personal puzzle are essential to our life, and even the darkest colors are there to help us to live and... to evolve.

In this painting, a flower in his light came to embrace with her long petals her lost shadow. She encourages us to stop exhausting us in willing to rebuild the past, stop with these vampires of the past that erode our present and to forgive to these parts of our life.

Understand your ghosts and don't be afraid anymore of moving forward, it is the greatest gift we can offer to us and to others. Each of us can find tons of reasons to love the dark parts and understand their good sides.
You know it well, there is no light without shadow!

5) To have and not to hold
At this time, I meditated on love with detachment, what is it that? Is this indifference? the lack of compassion, the lack of gratitude?
In order to understand, I considered on the opposite side, the attachment. In the "attach", I understood the latent addiction and compulsive obsession living in love without detachment. Each of the two lovers becomes "sick" of the other.

Sometimes, to love is to leave, it is to stop, to take some time alone, it is to get out of the room, it is to learn how to breathe and live the joy without the fear of disappointing the other, who chooses to live in the depression or the addiction. We can't change the other, we cannot change his/her fears, we may accompany him/her and be there for him/her but not to our detriment, not at the price of our own personal respect.
By wanting to "help" the other and want to change ourself in order to help the relation, we forget us, we are lost, we become invisible and we die by no longer existing for ourselves.
To love is to learn ourselves first, to learn our limits and respect them willy-nilly, even if the other hates us for that.

Because it is through our love for us that he also eventually will be able to love himself/herself one day and to stop depending on the life and the emotions of our behavior or the attitude of someone else. It is difficult but it is essential.
Love, is to exist without the other, it is about giving without wanting to receive, it is about giving without oppressing. Love is knowing how to say no and how to say yes to us.

In this painting, two shapes are living and evolving on their own paths, in parallel, and everyone around grew up with them, that's love with detachment.

6) To love yourself
After 20 years spent in a particular area and with a specific title, we are irretrievably impregnated and our deep identity has long been buried comfortably under a ton of voluntary and very busy activities.

One day, we need to take some time to rediscover who we was versus who we became and then be close again to who we really are.

Difficult path than the path of understand the appear towards the be. Difficult to talk freely about our soul after so much time spent by ignoring it in a pseudo passivity. 

The question that I asked to myself when I painted here was "who am I?" and this is what appeared, bubbles, light, waves of blue and red. No more unknown, mathematical formulas nor equations to solve, just the Sun and the joy that I found little by little in the mountains of my time infinitely mathematized.

This painting tells you that finding who you are and loving yourself is the only choice.
Find who you are, find what makes you waking up in the morning and your direction will become irresistible to your eyes, like a moth drawn by your own light, you will no longer be able to ignore the need of your soul to shine and pursue whatever life you want to follow, in respect of the four-door... of course;-)

Take care of you,


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