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Being an alchemist or how to transform fear into love?

December is the gifts month, the month of holidays in family, family of blood, friendship, spiritual family, passions family, family of work... the month of "groups", the "tribu"! The links are tight and our root chakra is particularly receptive.

It is also the last month of the year, which ends 12 months of evolutions and revolutions for some of us, of seasons, of lives, of puzzles lives,... the months of the conclusions.
And december, it is also the month where there are the taste of the snow, the smell of cold, the silence of the naked forest, evenings with fragrant chocolate and maple and the need to Share.

     In December, we would like to receive. Receive to infinity. Receive for life. Receive the madness. Receive by magic. Receive... only to receive... only for having. But is it really receiving? How do we receive? and do we know how to receive?
Then we give, we give all the time, we give often, we give by fear. Afraid to receive, by fear to accept gifts from others.

     This is a perfect opportunity to check if we are in the Sun or in the shade and especially how we live: the giving and the receiving.What do we really give? And what other gives us, whether it is material or "praniel *", do we really want to receive?

In the life of every day, in permanent interaction, dizzy by all we are receiving all the time, without taking the time to measure the authenticity and the gratitude deployed, is a real challenge. Yet, learn to stop is vital, it's like a time of digestion, our stomach can not always digest everything at all costs, and our body can not integrate everything without any effort...
So how can we do? Well, the first answer coming to meet this challenge of not finding me poisoned by all kinds of negative intentions or fears, is to verify what I try myself to give and how I would like to give.
Giving with love, with gratitude, with joy. Verify that in my giving, there is no residual fears. It is not easy.
As a plant that breathe our air, I breathe energies and as an alchemist, I constantly work to transform the energy of fear in joy and in... chlorophyll for my soul.

This month, I'll observe plants, leaves, bark, the mechanisms of our plant world, observe our digests and how we can transform, what appears negative, in our own sunny fuel and in an energy that heals... How will I do!**

Take care of your air!


* "praniel", it comes when I think of the prana, this vital energy in all of us, do we breathe prana in our relations and therefore do our praniels relations are fullfilling?

* This is the intention for the month of December 2012, the secret painting will be created by Monday, December 26.

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