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A little transparency with your grilled tea?

    Other's transparency is always a challenge. It is the perception of the state of the transparency that attracts or repels us. Because the transparency is in all colors, brighter and happy to dull and sad. We cannot directly influence the transparency around us but we can reveal it by being aware of our own transparency.

    It is our transparency that is the most important, the one we choose to emet and to give,  the transparency we would like to receive, in fact. Me, I wish the transparency tastes peach, strawberry and vanilla! She would have the color of a beautiful yellow egg, translucent cradle of life kissing with the green water of the lakes and forests of our beautiful area.

Pran or not Prana ? Secret painting for the month of november 2011    The impact of our transparency in our relations is infinite, it's like dominoes and you never know where his race will end. Transparency disarms, transparency goes through shells, transparency creates fields of energy, transparency feeds, transparency is a mirror, transparency refreshes, transparency is both sought and feared, transparency is precious, transparency keeps growing, transparency can generate calm as well as storm, transparency makes us feel vulnerable but also makes us feel strong.
The family of transparency is huge, she is the sister of the authenticity and the truth, she is a fairy who can play tricks but whose parents take great care of our personal power and our heart. The transparency is the hinge between our guts and our mental. It helps us to stay centered, aligned, and attentive to our four doors: the truth, the kindness, the necessity and completeness.

When we recognize our own transparency or when we try to find it and cultivate it, even awkwardly, it grows with both the strength of the oak and the reed flexibility. It lights up and shapes our realities in order to help them meet and understand each other.
This is the role of transparency, it is an door opening on our silence inside of us, a silence where we can finally hear the words of our soul.

So... which colour is your own transparency, what kind of taste and smell would you like to find, and which power would you like to see grow around you?

Open the door, take a deep breath, the air is fresh, the water is clear and your transparency has wings!

Take care of your transparency,


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