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Who is Molly ?

    For this first article, I wanted Molly to be the first to run on this page and present you her oracle in our lives.
I wrote this article at the beginning of the autumn but it is still alive in my personal siberian toundra! For those of you who are discovering Molly, you will soon understand the path of Molly. So, happy reading to all of you !

Nature and animals, from the little fly to the cougar, have always had a lot of importance in my life. Every day, I try to take some time to go for a walk in the forest. It is a ritual where I receive a lot of benefits for my own energy. I sometimes get fresh ideas and can even receive quantities of messages or indications on my path and my own questionings.

Here is a short episode which happened to me not so long ago and that I would like to share with you.

    I was walking on a cycle path at the Gatineau Park, a road I particularly like because it is close to my home and thus easily accessible.
After at least half an hour of solitude, I crossed a caterpillar. She was crossing the cycle path at the highest speed. In scale caterpillar, it probably makes a minimum of 80km / hour! I had never seen a caterpillar moving so fast. She was obviously in a hurry to cross the asphalted path, the uncertain tundra of the caterpillar, an open and dangerous ground not very recommended!
I was attentively watching her crossing when, suddenly, she stopped with hardly 20 centimeters to make before reaching the other side of the path.
I told myself: “What is happening to her? Maybe she decided to enjoy the sun?”
A few seconds later, a cyclist passed beside me and towards the part of the road where the caterpillar was. It was impossible for me to intervene. The Samaritan in me could not protect her.
Everything happened in a glance of an eye. I was watching the wheel sliding on the asphalt and my heart was squeezing at the idea of seeing the caterpillar squashed.
The wheel reached very close to the caterpillar. Only 1 inch separated the wheel from the little creature. Ouf! And hop, here she was stomach on the ground ready to finish safely her way to the other side of the road.She sank into the grass, quite happy to find the naked ground.
I was watching her sinking under the leaves, and was imagining her well-being. The leaves were caressing her and gently wrapping protecting her.
All of this lasted a very few minutes, but I found there a message that brought me much gratitude.

The crossing of the asphalted path means, in my life, the journey I’m doing right now by myself. For the first time, I am experiencing everything that makes the life of an artist where the work is his/her art and his/her boss is him or herself. 
The ability to feel when and where to stop on the road is my ability to follow my instinct, my intuition, my flair and also to let go and accept my choices as well as their consequences.

I will never know why this caterpillar has the urge to immediately cross this asphalted path.
What I know for sure is that listening to my need to paint and teach freely is my own urgency.

Now, do you have your own asphalted path in your life, and if so, what urgency makes you wanting to cross it?You will find a small video of this caterpillar here. I gave her the name of Molly and I thank her for the message!

I'm happy to start this blog and hopefully I will keep it as vivid as possible. 

Take care of the joy in your life,


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