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Do you know Jepetto and Candy ? :D

    It was on last november 2nd. I was sitting in the grass at the top of a nice hill, the view was great, the wind was caressing tall grass, the sun was soft and the light perfect, a warm autumn day. Around me, the energy of the earth was so beautiful. At this moment, a new story I would like to share with you, came to me by small jumps!

    An enormous ladybird settles on my arm and runs up to my hand to finally take off. I feel good. Then I perceive the jumps of an insect, he makes small uneven jumps and falls to the right and to the left, sometimes on a soft grass, sometimes on a more solid grass. I say to myself that in every jump, he must wonder where he is going to land. It is a short-horned grasshopper, an attractive little one with hind legs lined blacks and with vivid green, yellow and brown reflections on his body and his head, he seems so happy to live and to jump freely, welcoming the surprise of these landings with great acceptance.
My attention follows him until he stops jumping. I bend and I see the presence of two other antennas in front of his.  Is it a friendly or hostile meeting?  He remains immovable. 
I take advantage of this to move closer. In front of him, at my right, I see another short-horned grasshopper, a little bigger, he is rather brown and less colored. I see one of its left long hind leg moving up and down but he does not jump. He only have one hind leg! 
I feel sad for him and I wonder what the smaller one is going to make. 
After a while, the little one walk straight on the other to be able to pass, like to say "get out of my way, I want to pass". He does not seem to have noticed the infirmity of the bigger one: he definitively can't jump with his unique leg, it is a sad vision to see.
Suddenly, the small one turns back towards the space of the missing right hind leg. He is now at his right and returns towards him slowly. Both short-horned grasshopers are now in the same position, facing the same direct sun. The little gets closer to the big at his right, he seems to keep company. 

I said to myself that there is certainly a message there!? Did I loose a leg or do I know somebody who lost a leg and that I did not see it. This leg, is it a kind of resource I do not have any more?
I observed them for a while, looking for other clues that could help me understand better. I summarized the situation, they are now in the same direction, the little at the right of the bigger. And on what are they? A flattened reed's flower of these majestic reeds, coming from the impressives reed beds  lining the road along this hill.  
I still do not understand. I look around me and I see a small molly running in the foliage, ready to cross its "bitumique" tundra, the challenge of its life! Well, I accompany her in, who knows? But no, she finishes her crossing, brave and also fortunate. So, I come back to my two short-horned grasshoper, nothing has moved. 

Difficult to leave from there. But they are only insects, you will say to me, and they are billions on this planet.   
I decided to send them some "human" love.. to these two small insignificant insects then I left the place. 

The next days, as a detective, I looked for the motive of my puzzle. I named the biggest insect Jepetto (doubtless influenced by Pinocchio unconsciously!) and the young... Candy is what came to me. I looked at them on my videos, the message was there, because there is one, there is always one. I have some indications but the puzzle escaped and I decided to study the life of insects and the life of reeds... 

That seems crazy what the attitude of two small insects can change in your life. But we too, we are insects, solitary or gregarious and we too, carry messages that we share to move forward together in our life.   

After a week, I decided to return along this road with the intention to collect other informations, wishing to meet only happy and whole insects! 
Incredibly, when I arrived in the zone of Jepetto, I crossed quantities of small short-horned grasshoppers, so much that I had to pay attention not to crush them. I looked at them attentively. I noticed that quantity of them only possessed one and only hind leg. 
I say to myself how is it possible? How can it happen at so many individuals at the same time and at the same place in their life? Is there an eater thirsty for legs of insects in the area? Hahahaha I laugh alone. 

Well, here I am again observing and taking videos of these small insects again.  
But they jump! They jump and they jump so much and so high as if they had their two legs. They are also small as the first small Candy. It is crazy, they seem to jump without efforts. In three big jumps, they are reaching the other side of the cycle path, most of them in the direction of the reed beds. It is true that the short-horned grasshopper likes grasses of reeds, it is a nice love story between them two, these long brooms ruffled are their food, the short-horned grasshopper is vegetarian. 

Then I understood, I understood my message, it is beautiful.  

It is necessary to know that this insect, in front of an imminent danger, can part from its posterior legs and pursue its life, even if he seems then very compromised, it allows him to prolong his life and maybe to finish the cycle of reproduction, the female can lay between 80 and 150 eggs during each laying, that seems to be worth a leg.
As the insect metamorphosis, he may see his leg growing again as some more "fortunate" species are able to, but no, after its imaginale metamorphosis (his last metamorphosis), if he loses a leg, it will not return. This process is called the autotomie (from auto (alone) and tomie (cut)).
So, here is an insect which does not hesitate to lose a leg or both to be able to continue his life and realize its objective. He seems to make it without pain, neither bleeding, nor regret, he moves forward, makes that to move forward, can only move forward, its life is an eternal one jump forward. 
Do you perceive now the beauty of this message?  The releasing, the letting go, not remaining stick to something which is not available any more, which has to disappear from your life, agree to move forward no matter what we have to get loose. No pain, no disapproval, no anger, no fear, just the will to move forward and to fully play his role whatever it may take. 

Yes, their lives seem short, but our lives are also short.
Do you have already managed to let go on something in your life, knowing that there were no possible coming back? Do you still hesitate to let go and to walk towards the direction that call you for your well-being?  

The short-horned grasshopper says to you that there is no choice, the only choice is to follow your rhythm, your voice, your vibration, your instinct. The energy you will find there then is infinite. 

I lost a leg, even some, I made it to follow my internal voice. It seemed to me indispensable to my personal survival at the moment. I behaved as this small Candy, without knowing it.   My present reality confirms me every day that to lose a leg is not the end of the world but, on the contrary, the real beginning of our world and our collective connection.
Then, what kind of leg are you ready to leave or did you loose? Was it necessary for you, today in your life to loose?  

Often, to lose a leg, it is the best way to move forward! 
I do not know what has became Jepetto and if he achieved his mission but his message perfectly reached me, me... another kind of insect! Isn't it cool ? 

Take care of your voice, 


PS1 : A little video for you... here ! 

 PS2: this little Candy have lost her posterior leg as well as an antenna, on the same side, the right.  When I crossed her life, she was following her road on the asphalt nevertheless. You would be surprised about all the messages the world of insects can give us.  This last message was also surprising for me. A kind of telegram at the speed of light, thank you Miss Candy.

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